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Elegant looking super creative, femme, in a princess dress covered in lizards, with devil horns, Softcore Hardware jewellery

Handmade Jewelry Designer in the Saucy Hedonistic Style

Welcome to Softcore Hardware, part of the XNN Gift Shop. 

Bespoke, artisanal, modular objects and jewellery by Sofi Lee-Henson. Intricately weaving narratives and telling your tall tales and eloquently probe hilarious hedonism in all it’s facets. 

Softcore Hardware was born from finding saucy tales which were both sexy AND funny. Sex should be humourous at times. As I explored the London kink scene, I was noticing some gorgeous imagery and immersed in the seriousness of the clubs. I thought, why not bring a little softness to it all. I illustrated an orgy, shibari scenes, serious dominatrixes, and the ridiculous, hilarious scenes they were asked to create for their clients, tough but touching moments shared between lovers and wild parties. 

I am a storyteller, a maker, I live my life deliciously to be in flow as much as possible, meaning I follow my heart and do rather silly things all the time.

I have always loved creating precious objects. Not necessarily precious in monetary value, but things that you cherish and wear or keep in boxes for large portions of your life. And in 2021, I decided to start designing actual jewellery, in REAL silver. Terrifying, but oh my goodness, it’s been such a joy to sculpt and learn and connect with so many incredible makers.  

Currently, only silver pendants are for sale. But the full range... The XNN Gift Shop & Softcore Hardware is a maximalist’s dream. A minimalist’s nightmare. What do we have? More like, what don’t we have?

Charms (loose and clips), illustrated laser engraved silver pendants, pearls, silver chains, clip bails, resin pendants encasing a myriad of weird little objects from implements of pleasure, to fossils, to tiny people. 


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